Your investment in Scallywags advertising reaches prospects in Dare and surrounding counties, plus the tens of thousands of vacationers who join us each summer.

Our front office staff will help you select the most effective advertising program for you. Call the Scallywags office at 252-619-8317 to set up an appointment. Here are some of the advertising opportunities we offer:

Virtual Game Day Program

  • Full Page, Half Page, Quarter Page and Eighth Page Full Color Ads
  • All Game Day Tickets include QR Code fans can scan to view Game Day Program on their phone or tablet

Team Apparel Sponsorships

  • Staff Shirts
  • T-Shirt Toss Shirts
  • Baseball Camp Shirts
  • Kids Club Shirts

Internet Advertising

  • www.obxscallywags.comĀ (rates for ads displayed yearly)
  • Commercials in game broadcasts
  • Social Media Game Day posts by the team
  • Game Day Virtual Program

Gameday Sponsorships

  • Corporate Night Sponsorships
  • Various Pre-Game festivities
  • Lucky Ticket Sponsorship/Prizes
  • Sponsored giveaway products at the entrance
  • Between inning, on field kids games

There are many more opportunities for you to make OUR fans YOUR customers!

Download our Corporate Sponsorship Guide here.

Collegiate summer baseball team, located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina & members of the Premier Collegiate League.