Congratulations to the Outer Banks Daredevils, your 2018 Postove Cup Champions.


Daredevils defeat Shredders 5 – 4 to advance to Postove Cup Championship.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018; Virginia Wesleyan University; 2:00pm

Outer Banks Daredevils @ Virginia Beach Waves

Tournament Format: Round Robin Bracket Play, followed by semi-finals and Championship.

All 11 teams have been drawn into 4 brackets (3 teams in 3 brackets, 2 teams in one bracket).

Bracket A: Legends, Sea Monsters, Daredevils;

Bracket B: Shredders, Hawks, Knights;

Bracket C: Fightin’ Crabs, Suns, Waves;

Bracket D: Voyagers, Seagulls;

Each bracket will play a round robin format, with each team playing the other two teams in their bracket. The team with the best record will advance from each bracket.*

*in the event of a tie, runs allowed will be the tie breaker. If runs allowed is used to break a three way tie, and two teams have the same runs allowed, then head to head results between those two clubs will break that tie.

The four teams who advance from bracket play will meet in head to head competition in our semi final games, with the winners advancing to the Postove Cup Championship game.

**for all semi final and championship game, home team will be decided by a coin flip at home plate during pregame umpire meeting.

Thur 5-Jul
RR Game 1 Fightin’ Crabs – 2 Suns – 3 1:00pm VWU completed
RR Game 2 Voyagers Seagulls 3:00pm LW rescheduled for Sat
RR Game 3 Shredders – 11 Hawks – 1 3:00pm LW completed
RR Game 4 Legends – 0 Sea Monsters – 18 6:00pm LW completed
Fri 6-Jul
RR Game 6 Suns – 4 Waves – 7 1:00pm VWU completed
RR Game 7 Sea Monsters Daredevils 4:00pm VWU rescheduled for Sun
RR Game 8 – susp Seagulls (1 – 2nd inn)  Voyagers (3 – 2nd inn) 3:00pm LW susp. Resched for Sun
RR Game 5 Hawks Knights 6:00pm LW rescheduled for Sun
Sat 7-Jul
RR Game 9 Waves – 10 Fightin’ Crabs – 8 1:00pm VWU WAVES ADVANCE
RR Game 11 Knights – 2 Shredders – 7 4:00pm VWU SHREDDERS ADVANCE
RR Game 2 – m/u from 7/5 Voyagers – 2 Seagulls – 9 3:00pm LW completed
RR Game 10 Daredevils – 15 Legends – 2 6:00pm LW completed
Sun 8-Jul
RR Game 8 –complete suspended game from 7/6 Seagulls – 1 Voyagers – 7 1:00pm VWU SEAGULLS ADVANCE
RR Game 7 – m/u from 7/6 Sea Monsters – 2 Daredevils – 7 4:00pm VWU DAREDEVILS ADVANCE
RR Game 5 – m/u from 7/6 Hawks – 3 Knights – 13 3:00pm LW completed
Mon 9-Jul
Semi-Finals Gm 1 Waves – 10 Seagulls – 5 1:00pm VWU completed
Semi-Finals Gm 2 Daredevils – 5 Shredders – 4 4:00pm VWU completed
Tue 10-Jul
Championship Daredevils – 12 Waves – 8 2:00pm VWU

Site Key:

Virginia Wesleyan University

1584 Wesleyan Drive, Norfolk, VA 23502

Lakewood Park

1612 Willow Wood Drive, Norfolk, VA 23509

Trant Field

586 N. Lynnhaven Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452


In consideration of long overdue and much needed maintenance, repairs and improvements at the First Flight Athletic Complex, the Outer Banks Daredevils will not be playing home games in the Outer Banks during the 2018 season, clearing the way for any and all necessary work to be completed prior to the 2018/2019 school year. Dare County Schools have been supporters of our organization since inception, providing us with outstanding facilities to host our games, and entertain the locals and the visitors alike on summer nights. We are extremely grateful for the support and hard work of Dr. Burgess, Jim Winebarger, and Gary Herrmann, with Dare County Schools, making it possible for the Daredevils to play and be a part of the Outer Banks community. During the first 10 seasons, the Daredevils played their home games at Manteo High School, and we are forever grateful for the tireless efforts and support of then AD and Head Baseball Coach Kenny Meekins and Principle John Luciano. After switching to First Flight High School for the 2006 season, we have received the continued support of Athletic Director Ray Scott and Head Coach Steve Saunders, as well as former Principle Tillet and current Principle Albert, and we are equally grateful for their support as well. The hard work, support and selfless efforts of these men and others, along with the support of the Dare County Board of Education has helped provide the Outer Banks with quality, family entertainment, and a venue to support and raise awareness for local charities and youth organizations. While we will miss our fans this summer, and it is certainly with a heavy heart we release this year’s schedule without any home games, we are extremely grateful for the support of our community, school board, our many sponsors and our loyal fans. We ask that you continue to support us during our 2018 season, as you will be able to follow all of the action on the team’s website,, as well as on our Game Changer page, our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat pages, and you will also be able to listen to live game broadcast on the internet through the Daredevils U-Stream broadcast. From the Outer Banks Daredevils, “THANK YOU” to everyone for your continued support, GO DAREDEVILS!

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